I Am a Sport Fanatic

I live and breath sports. I guess that makes me a sport fanatic. I don’t only follow team, but I worship them. I think myself as a nut when it comes to sport. There is a fine line that separate being just a fan from being a sport fanatic. I tried to look it up in the dictionary though, but it sorts says it the same thing but it’s not.

A sport fan just follows team and goes to the games when they have the time. In other words, they will see the team that they follow when their schedule permits them.

When you are a fanatic you are living your team. In everything you do you insert the sport in it. You know every detail and rule of the game. Every fact of the game they know it. You should even have a shrine of your favorite game inside of their house. We are always updated with the things happening to their favorite game or team; therefore, we always keep our phone on our side so that we can be notified right away. And also fanatics bet on their favorite team through online casinos and used promotion codes found at ezbonuspromocodes.

It is common for a fanatic like me to have a big flat screen television in their living room. This should be equipped with surround sound speakers, so the sound is like they are just court side. It should have a large comfortable sofa with a recliner and footrest for utmost comfort. The room should be ready when there is a big game because a fanatic like me will invite all the friends in the house to watch the game.

And of course, what is a game without food. There should be lots of it. There must be a lot of potato, chips, pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs and a lot of finger foods.

And to sum it all up, a fanatic should have bought team gear and memorabilia. This can be displayed on the shrine that we have on the house.