Safe Baby Wearing: The Guidelines

Safe baby wearing should be practiced always. This will ensure as that accidents will not happen. Baby wearing safety practice should always be done. When you are wearing your baby never do these things: ride a bicycle, drive your car, drink any hot beverage like tea & coffee, and make sure that check all fasteners and buckles that they are securely fasten.

Preventing Falls

Make sure that your child fits snugly and it is secure in the baby carrier. It is a must that babies should be carried close to the body. You should pick a carrier that has enough high back support to support the head and back of your child. One sway of preventing fall is having a great stroller like uppababy minu, the minu stroller is a great one and prevents babies from falls.

When your bending over please take extreme precaution because your baby may spill out of the baby carrier. You should not be bending over at the waist when you are baby wearing. If you must pick up something, bend your knees instead, this will keep your body upright. Be always be sure that the baby is situated securely in the baby carrier. It is also suggested that always keep one or both hands on your baby until you get used to the baby carrier.

Head and Neck Support

Baby’s neck and head should be supported always because babies 4 months below are not yet strong enough to keep their heads up without any help. A front carrying position for a baby in the carrier is not recommended until the baby can hold up its head comfortably.

Front facing position for the baby is widely used until the baby become a toddler, this is a great choice.

Free the Baby’s Airway Always

When using a baby carrier make sure that you maintain your baby’s airway free. You need to always check your baby’ airway from obstruction. For babies below four months old, the safest position for the baby is with their head sideways and the check are laying on your chest. You should always make sure that the baby’s chin is up and off their chest. Make sure also that the nose of the baby is away from the baby fabric.

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